Jing Screencast

So this assignment for Strategic Presentation called for creating a screen cast about a blog we visit using a program called Jing. I went to the site at https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html, downloaded Jing and watched the short tutorial video that greets you when you open it for the first time. In all seriousness, the tutorial is probably unnecessary because Jing is so ridiculously easy to use. The screen casts are started by clicking the small yellow bubble that Jing creates in the top right corner of your screen, where more options can be chosen. you can choose to capture just a still image or a video of what is being displayed on your computer. I chose the video option and Jing asked me to select which area of my screen i wanted to record. It then automatically detected my laptop’s built in microphone and i was ready to screen cast. The whole process of recording and uploading the video to the screen cast server was incredibly simple and streamlined. However, like other people doing this assignment have mentioned the biggest thing missing from Jing is the ability to edit what you record over your screen cast. Since you cannot remove instances where you misspeak or where things on screen don’t go exactly as planned, I needed to record my screen cast over from the beginning a few times. Other then that, Jing seems like it would be a useful application to have access to. I chose to record my screen cast while visiting the blog http://hiphopmakers.com/.

You can listen to the screen cast here!

In terms of my own blog, screen casting could be a great tool in demonstrating music production techniques that I use. Since it allows my viewers to see exactly what is occurring on my screen while I speak, it could easily be used to show how I manipulate settings and plug-ins to achieve different sounds. I have watched countless screen cast tutorials over my years learning music production and they have been extremely helpful in learning new things about the programs I use. Thanks for checking out my post and be on the lookout for future screen casts about sampling and music production!!

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