“Producing That Fire” Meme


When I saw this theme I realized this was the one I wanted to use. It had one of the worlds most know actor Tom Cruise laughing sitting in his hysterically, when you know you’re making money. The photoshop edit on it also made is kinda of look creepy, which made the whole meme look so funny and perfect I had to use it for my blog. It is similar to one of those smart humorous themes that make people laugh but also understand that I make and continue to produce fire music from samples I make.

The “Laughing Tom Cruise” is a series of photoshopped images and remix videos based on a press photograph of the famous American actor laughing maniacally during his on-stage appearance as a guest speaker at a Yahoo! conference in early 2006. On January sixteenth, 2008, YouTuber Suburban Hicks[6] transferred a video titled “Tom Cruise Maniac Laugh (REMIX)” which includes a clasp of Tom Cruise manically giggling brought from a meeting with Cruise delivered by the Church of Scientology, which was spilled to YouTube that month, the same meeting the congregation attempted to have expelled, starting Project Chanology. As of October 2014, the remix has increased more than 250,000 perspectives.

Social Media

Do you have a song that you think could be sampled and made into something new and dope? There are various online platforms where music producers get together to post songs they think could be used to flip into a new beat. Sometimes, a voting process goes down that lets the viewers select who makes the best beat either by sample used or on a weekly submission basis. When producers use the same sample in a competition, its usually interesting to see how different people can go at chopping, layering and manipulating the sample in their own unique way. Usually, it’s the unexpected ones that catch people’s ear and have the most potential. One example of a place like this is the “Flip This!” section of the forum at futureproducers.com. Users post links of songs (usually songs from vinyl that have been uploaded to YouTube) with the beat they made out of it, and other users follow suit.

So if you have any tracks that you like, or that you want to hear a new spin on tweet a link to it with #VinylBeatsBlog and show me! I want to see what genres of music my viewers listen to and maybe it can be sampled!

Jumpin Out Da Jing!

So I’m back with another screen cast for Strategic Presentation! It made sense that I should do a screen cast about sampling and show what goes on in the program I use (Logic Pro 9) when you want to sample a song. The assignment for using Jing to do a screen cast previously went pretty smoothly so I figured this would be the same. I tried to keep all the technical information to a minimum because Jing screen casts had a 5 minute time limit, but I still had to split it up into two separate videos. When Jing asked me if I wanted to “Help make Jing better!” when I signed up I hit them with the:


But my only advice now would be longer video times and the ability to edit the finished product lol. Other then that I think the screen casts turned out pretty decent. I’ve watched what feels like a million of them over the years trying to learn how to use programs and plugins but I never made my own until now. The song I used to sample in the videos is “It’s All Over” by Lee Fields. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

SCREEN CAST FOR DAT ASSignment Part 1 and Part 2