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Do you have a song that you think could be sampled and made into something new and dope? There are various online platforms where music producers get together to post songs they think could be used to flip into a new beat. Sometimes, a voting process goes down that lets the viewers select who makes the best beat either by sample used or on a weekly submission basis. When producers use the same sample in a competition, its usually interesting to see how different people can go at chopping, layering and manipulating the sample in their own unique way. Usually, it’s the unexpected ones that catch people’s ear and have the most potential. One example of a place like this is the “Flip This!” section of the forum at Users post links of songs (usually songs from vinyl that have been uploaded to YouTube) with the beat they made out of it, and other users follow suit.

So if you have any tracks that you like, or that you want to hear a new spin on tweet a link to it with #VinylBeatsBlog and show me! I want to see what genres of music my viewers listen to and maybe it can be sampled!


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