Other Music Production Sites?

There are various other similar websites to VinylBlogBeats online that are dedicated to the art of hip-hop sampling. Many of these sites incorporate blogging into their scheme, but go beyond blogging and add even more content. One example is the subreddit MakingHiphop, a section of Reddit where amateur music producers discuss the ins-and-outs of writing, producing and recording music. Another example is futureproducers, which is more of a forum-structured site for users to ask questions about the process of recording and mixing music. Visitors to the site range from beginners to veterans of music production with a large body of work behind them to prove it. Both sites are valuable resources for any music producers hoping to learn about what’s out there!

Peanut-ize Me

I thought this assignment was pretty entertaining for my Strategic Presentation class. We used the Peanutize Me website to create a Peanuts-style avatar for ourselves. The purpose of Peanutize Me is to serve as an advertisement for the latest Peanuts movie to release in 2015. The avatar creator allows the user to cycle through various choices for things like skin color, hair style and eye or mouth shape to tailor the Peanuts character to your liking, more or less. It’s a funny little app that allows you to export your character as either a profile picture or desktop wallpaper size to use. The layout of the site and the avatar creator is extremely simple and straightforward, with a simple but effective design scheme. While the choices for the physical features of the avatar were pretty in depth, I felt like the selection for clothes and other items for the character were limited. I would have liked to see some sort of music-related theme to go with the character (Schroeder had the piano, right?) but overall I thought the app was pretty cool. It allows the user to express their own creativity through the eyes of a great artist like Charles M. Schultz, who created a timeless masterpiece in Peanuts. View my Peanuts counterpart below:



Creative Commons

I have been sampling since high school, and I have to say sampling is something that you have to keep practicing and learning. I had to watch multiple videos when I was trying to learn how to sample beats and records using different DAWs. Creative Commons can be a go to place to search for videos to learn from because in this manner in agreement to the Fair Use Checklist.

This video meets the benchmarks that are given to be viewed as that of “favoring reasonable use” alongside meeting moral and copyright principles. So I decided I was going to use this video from the creative commons search engine because it can easily teach my readers how to sample their record of choice using any application explained in the video. I chose a video by EJ Fox, he states, “Wanted to make a quick video because I wished I had something like this when I was trying to figure it out. How to find a sample on YouTube, import it into Logic, chop it up, and then play it on a beat.”. I hope you learn from the video check out the link below.

How to use samples to make a beat