“Producing That Fire” Meme


When I saw this theme I realized this was the one I wanted to use. It had one of the worlds most know actor Tom Cruise laughing sitting in his hysterically, when you know you’re making money. The photoshop edit on it also made is kinda of look creepy, which made the whole meme look so funny and perfect I had to use it for my blog. It is similar to one of those smart humorous themes that make people laugh but also understand that I make and continue to produce fire music from samples I make.

The “Laughing Tom Cruise” is a series of photoshopped images and remix videos based on a press photograph of the famous American actor laughing maniacally during his on-stage appearance as a guest speaker at a Yahoo! conference in early 2006. On January sixteenth, 2008, YouTuber Suburban Hicks[6] transferred a video titled “Tom Cruise Maniac Laugh (REMIX)” which includes a clasp of Tom Cruise manically giggling brought from a meeting with Cruise delivered by the Church of Scientology, which was spilled to YouTube that month, the same meeting the congregation attempted to have expelled, starting Project Chanology. As of October 2014, the remix has increased more than 250,000 perspectives.